Hi. Welcome back to my planet.
First, from my deepest heart, i really appreciate to all of this blog viewer. My thankfulness will flow endlessly especially to all loyal stalker of my planet. I never suppose that i finally can make some of good stuffs. As you have seen in this planet, most of them are about review and summary of some products that i have tried.
Having experience in trying some products is good for me, which i may feel like it will do good or bad for my skin. But sometimes, i kinda bored too. I may need something different....
I keep on thinking and digging my mind, what should i make to sweep away this boredom. One-two-three day is going on, but i stuck in this foolness. Then finally, this fool mind realize, i have some essential oils which i never use it in another way as i usually use before. Guess what i'm gonna do with that?
Woohoo I will make DIY Face Mist with lavender essential oil.

If you have ever read for something like this before, at least this is original from me and this idea just came through my mind all of the sudden. Yeah lets check this out!!
This DIY is very useful and simply to be practiced. When you have lower budget but need an effective skincare, you can add this face mist in to your skincare routine. The lavender essential oil nowadays is definitely easy to be found. Both in drugstore or in online store as long you put some effort to find it, i'll be sure you will own it. hehe. And I bought this one in online store.
Lavender essential oil has a lot advantages to our skin. If you might not know, it does really good for both healing and calming to skin. It's a good antiseptic too. Lavender is one of essential oils which can be used directly into your skin without any carrier. The texture is not really like an oil. It's watery, mild, and easy to absorb.
I'm not guarantee it will be kind for every different types of skin. It may irritate for one skin, otherwise it's doing effectively for another skin types. That's why it will be better if you notice it in first use. I suggest doing spot-test in some part of your face (and body), wait for 24 - 48 hours, when your skin don't show any changes (redness, burn sensation, swelling, or another changes), it signs that your skin matches with Lavender essential oil.
When it irritated to your skin, i suggest to use it in very low percentage of essential oils.

Now let's check it out how to make this simply DIY-Face Mist.

1. 5 drop lavender essential oils
2. 50 ml Oxygen water
3. Spray Bottle

Fyi. You can find oxygen water in drugstore, supermarket, etc. they provide some kind of brands and price. Choose as you wish.

1. Add lavender and oxygen water into spray bottle.
2. Mix until well blended.
3. To use, shake in a while, close your eyes and mist it to your face and neck

My review after using this DIY.
I've been using this lavender face mist for almost a month. I use as a toner, refresher, soothing mist, cooling mask, and another kind purposes.
Despite face has done with skincare routine, adding this face mist is a good way to do. It makes the skincare well absorbed. Furthermore, it fits well for dry skin which is really good in moisturizing.
Lavender has a delightful scent. When you close your eyes and mist it to your face, you will feel such uplifting mood in a while. Anyway I am so sensitive with fragrance, all kind of fragrance, moreover the strong one. But first i met this lavender, i immediately like the scent itself. Feel so soft, calming and uplifting.

Next, It does good for acne..
I rarely get acne in my face, once i have it, it will be a big-red-swelling acne. FYI, lavender has an antiseptic effect which is good to get rid your acne. I dont know it is because my routine skincare's effect or this face mist. Whenever i get some acnes, I used to spray an extra face mist in acne itself. No longer than 3 days, i feel my big-red acne is getting better. Despite not clear all the acne, i feel it just calming, reduce the redness and swelling.
This face mist good for all skin types. It just a simple and easy to use. It won't make any greasy into oily skin, and less irritate cause i only add the lavender oil 5 drops.
Hmm i think that's enough. If you mind sharing your own DIY and its result, please kindly post your  comment below. 
Thanks for reading and see you in the next post. Bye..
DIY LAVENDER FACE MIST DIY LAVENDER FACE MIST Reviewed by Dini Nh on December 24, 2017 Rating: 5

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